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Re: dpkg-verify?

'Philippe Troin wrote:'
>On Sat, 02 Nov 1996 16:10:07 +0059 David Frey (david@eos.lugs.ch) 
>> I'm not sure if I understand the verification feature correctly, but I 
>> assume
>> that he want's to check a package vs the current installation against:
>> a) missing files
>> b) wrong permissions
>> c) wrong sizes/date stamps/link counts
>> Now, a casual look into /var/lib/dpkg/info left me with the impression that
>> dpkg doesn't record this things in its status area. Ian, is this right?
>I made an attempt at solving this difficult exercise. I resorted to having the binary packages available to check permissions, size and ownership. Dpkg justs records the file list, not anything else.
>I had further problems with packages which create some files in their postinst (like perl, which compiles headers).
>I have still the script (painfully slow, that is) in ftp://ftp.fifi.org/pub/checkdebian
>Maybe should dpkg record the permissions etc... in the info directory to allow such a tool to be viable ?

I tried Red Hat's verify and never could get it to find any problems
(even ones I intentionally set for it -- admittedly this was an older
Red Hat release).  So I was underimpressed.  On many of the systems I
maintain I have non-standard permissions, so I need a general tool.  In
sum, right now my feeling is we shouldn't add this function to the
package management tools.  Instead other tools should be used (things
like tripwire come to mind).

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