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Re: dpkg-verify?

cjf@netaxs.com (Chris Fearnley)  wrote on 03.11.96 in <199611031651.LAA07398@unix3.netaxs.com>:

> I tried Red Hat's verify and never could get it to find any problems
> (even ones I intentionally set for it -- admittedly this was an older
> Red Hat release).  So I was underimpressed.  On many of the systems I

Doesn't mean we couldn't do better. I *have* found and fixed problems with  
the SysV fixperms.

> maintain I have non-standard permissions, so I need a general tool.  In
> sum, right now my feeling is we shouldn't add this function to the
> package management tools.  Instead other tools should be used (things
> like tripwire come to mind).

But this needs input from the installation process.

Let me see what I remember of fixperms (someone with access to a SysV  
system should probably clarify this).

There is a per-package (plain text, with # comments) permissions file that  
lists filename, owner, group, and permission (and some more stuff I don't  
remember). IIRC, the filename can contain wildcards.

You can also roll your own permission files.

The fixperm tool allows you to check if the permissions are still ok, or  
to change them.

Would that be general enough for you?

MfG Kai

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