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Re: WWW close-to-final proposal changes in response to criticism

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Let's change the proposal here a bit. This will probably make Mike
> much happier as well. /var/web should be treated as a fixed-location
> space that is common to all web servers. You are encouraged to use it
> as your server root, but _not_compelled_ to do so. However, if you do
> not use it as your server root, you are _required_ to provide a link to
> it from your server root and guarantee that this link will work as soon
> as your server package is installed.
> OK, now you can have your server root where you want it, and we can have
> automaticaly-installed pages that are guaranteed accessable, and you can
> remove all of the Debian stuff from your outside server by erasing a
> single link, or move it around among your pages as you wish. This neatly
> side-steps the moving stuff around for different servers problem. How do you
> like that?
> From: Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org>
> > I need to have an address of the form http://hostname/directory/filename
> > which I dont have with your proposal. The ROM space cannot be reached.
> If I understand you correctly, you are asking for URL-able names for
> the _entire_ ROM space. I was attempting to avoid having to export _all_
> of /usr/doc and _all_ of /usr/lib/web without giving the user any
> choice in the matter. However, this is not really a problem for
> /usr/doc and /usr/lib/web/webspace. So, we can move two of the three
> ROM links into:
> 	/var/web/webspace/ROM.webspace -> /usr/lib/web/webspace
> 	/var/web/webspace/ROM.doc -> /usr/doc
> That will put all of the ROM documents in the public space. However, we can't
> do that for cgi-bin...
> > http://host/cgi-bin   -> /usr/lib/web/cgi-bin for ROM /var/web/cgibin for
> > user
> Now, that's a problem. I _don't_ want to export the entire ROM cgi-bin by
> default for obvious security reasons. I would much rather have symlinks for
> individual scripts. These symlinks may be installed by packages, but should
> be individual per-script and should be treated like conffiles. If the user
> decides to remove them, we should not put them back without asking permission
> first.
> > The index.html is the matter of the webserver and not the tools of
> > which a number could be installed. They all might need some reference from
> > index.html.
> This is not a problem if /var/web/webspace is not your server root.

So far this sounds acceptable to me.


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