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Re: libc5 policy decision

From: Guy Maor <maor@ece.utexas.edu>
> Since the number of packages that don't work with the old allocator is
> very small, 2 confirmed so far, this doesn't really make sense.  What
> would make sense is to build 5.4.7 with malloc-dl, and make the old
> malloc available as a separate library.
> In other words, the default behavior should be the new malloc,
> malloc-dl.
> Would you reconsider?

I will reconsider and go along with your proposal,
but I reserve the right to revisit this question ten days before release.

If at that time it's clear that wrappers have not been constructed for the
problem packages and stability _is_ a problem, I will ask for the old
allocator to be put back, and the new one moved into a separate library.



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