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Re: WWW close-to-final proposal changes in response to criticism

I am still not clear on what you are trying to do here. I asked for
clarification since I did not see how the approach can work at all.

Having the link in /var/web/ROM whereas the root of the tree is
/var/web/webspace makes ROM inaccessible. The last message again is
confusing. Traditionally /var/web/webspace was the root and I think you
are assuming /var/web is the root. There was never any "webspace"
directory in server root which you are now generating. webspace used to be
the location of the server root and all URL were thus relative to it.
cgi-bin was moved out of the server root and handled specially for
security reasons.

To repeat: We need a clear association between names within webspace and
directories webtools install their stuff in.

Please tell us what the fixed URL will be used to access /usr/lib/web/X.
Or tell us the way they are to be accessed. Dont misunderstand me that I
am demanding entire access. But HOW do you access it IF you have access?

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:

bruce >If I understand you correctly, you are asking for URL-able names for
bruce >the _entire_ ROM space. I was attempting to avoid having to export _all_
bruce >of /usr/doc and _all_ of /usr/lib/web without giving the user any
bruce >choice in the matter. However, this is not really a problem for
bruce >/usr/doc and /usr/lib/web/webspace. So, we can move two of the three
bruce >ROM links into:
bruce >
bruce >	/var/web/webspace/ROM.webspace -> /usr/lib/web/webspace
bruce >	/var/web/webspace/ROM.doc -> /usr/doc
bruce >
bruce >That will put all of the ROM documents in the public space. However, we can't
bruce >do that for cgi-bin...
bruce >
bruce >> http://host/cgi-bin   -> /usr/lib/web/cgi-bin for ROM /var/web/cgibin for
bruce >> user
bruce >
bruce >Now, that's a problem. I _don't_ want to export the entire ROM cgi-bin by
bruce >default for obvious security reasons. I would much rather have symlinks for
bruce >individual scripts. These symlinks may be installed by packages, but should
bruce >be individual per-script and should be treated like conffiles. If the user
bruce >decides to remove them, we should not put them back without asking permission
bruce >first.

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