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Re: new kernel/boot builders

> Ian,
> Thanks for your reply. I think we could deal with _more_than_one_ person
> who builds kernels and boot floppies. It's OK to build with 486 optimization
> if none of those optimizations break the 386 - is that still the case?

No. The kernel will then use page table manipulation instructions only found
on 486+

In addition have you followed the latest 6x86 related discussions on the
kernel mailing list?  I think we should contemplate to include this patch
in our kernels because Cyrix/IBM chips are cheap and thus getting popular.
And there is a Nx586 patch available to which does some fine tuning on the
chip configuration.  To my knowledge the patches will work on inte chips
as well because they check the type of chip and then do additional 
initialization as needed.

> Regarding the module complement, there are more possible modules than
> will fit on the floppy - it might be best to build more than one boot disk
> for that reason.

Please look at the recent discussion on debian-private and the proposals i

Now to prevent some mistakes found on earlier debian kernels:

1) Enable use of experimental drivers
3) By default restrict memory usage to lower 16MB and disable large network
   buffers.  If memory >16MB is allowed ISA busmaster devices like the
   AHA-1542 will not work ... (or has that changed? Verifcation needed!)
4) By default _DISABLE_ IP forwarding (see RFCs: only router should do
   IP forwarding).
5) Build all drivers as modules and use initrd to setup the kernel at
6) Verify all modules insert cleanly into the kernel.

And since we have swiched to ELF:

7) Build a.out support only a module.


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