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Re: new kernel/boot builders

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Dominik Kubla wrote:
> Now to prevent some mistakes found on earlier debian kernels:
> 1) Enable use of experimental drivers
> 3) By default restrict memory usage to lower 16MB and disable large network
>    buffers.  If memory >16MB is allowed ISA busmaster devices like the
>    AHA-1542 will not work ... (or has that changed? Verifcation needed!)
> 4) By default _DISABLE_ IP forwarding (see RFCs: only router should do
>    IP forwarding).
> 5) Build all drivers as modules and use initrd to setup the kernel at
>    boottime.
> 6) Verify all modules insert cleanly into the kernel.

For that you will need the patch that I've posted on the Linux-kernel
mailing list last night. It is also available on 
Otherwise you will not be able to insmod the eata-dma, aic7xxx, ncr53c8xx,
advansys or BusLogic drivers.
> And since we have swiched to ELF:
> 7) Build a.out support only a module.

Yes. Not a bad idea. Even Netscape is finally available in ELF.


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