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Bug#4774: Boot disk SCSI kernel panic

Package: boot1440.bin / aic7xxx
Version: Debian 1.1

I get a kernel panic on SCSI probing on attempting to boot from the standard
Debian boot disk and can go no further.  My system is a 486 DX2/80 with an
Adaptec AHA2842 VL Bus SCSI card.  boot1440.bin was obtained from
\buzz\disks-i3\current on the 3 Oct 96 Debian CD from iConnect.

On looking up the SCSI driver in the F4 help, I see that aic7xxx may receive
the options "extended,noreset".  On checking the README for the driver on
another Linux system, I see no reference to "extended", and the correct
syntax for "noreset" is "no_reset".

The latter portion of the boot sequence output is as follows (close, I hope,
since I copied it by hand):

aic7xxx: (aic7xxx_isr) Encountered Spurious Interrupt
qlogicisp : PCI bios not present
PPA: unable to initialize controller at 0x378, error 2
scsi0: Adaptec AHA274x/284x/294x (EISA/VLB/PCI-Fast SCSI) 3.2/3.1/3.0
scsi : 1 host
aic7xxx: Scanning channel A for devices
aix7xxx: (aic7xxx_isr) BRKADRINT error(0x1):
  Illegal Host Access
Kernel panic: aic7xxx (aic7xxx_isr) BRKADRINT, error(0x1) seqaddr(0x0)

I had exactly the same difficulty with the Slackware 96 boot disk, write
Patrick Volkering and Walnut Creek about it and never heard a word from them.  

It is worth noting that this same system is successfully running Slackware
Linux, manually upgraded from kernel 1.2.18 which boots from a zImage
bootdisk (kernel 2.0.12, or some such) made with "make zdisk" and the SCSI
boot operation is executed with no problem.

I don't know if this is a bug, a configuration problem, or a startup
parameters problem, but I assume the former since I can find no
documentation which might direct me to appropriate config or startup param

I'll be happy to supply additional information if necessary.

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