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Re: xinetd

On Sat, 12 Oct 1996, Christoph Lameter wrote:

clameter >On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, Boris D. Beletsky wrote:
clameter >
clameter >borik >    Since i've noticed that there is no xinetd pkg for debian, i thought
clameter >borik >    that i can maintain it.
clameter >
clameter >I really like to have it. But I wonder how the debian scripts for the
clameter >maintenance ("update-inetd") of inetd.conf will fare with the different
clameter >config format.
first of all i am realy sorry for thouse 2 mails, the problem is that i didn't
get the mails back and thought that they didn't go through.

as for update-inetd, i hope i understand u right, u mean thouse pkgs that
write them selfs into inetd.conf?
there is an app, that comes with xinetd, that converts inetd.conf into
xinetd.conf, i never tested it (just never needed to) but i know it exists,
so evry pkg maintainer tat need to write his pkg into inetd.conf may do it
and after that do somthing like

if [ -f /usr/bin/xinetd.convert ] 
   exit 0

hows that sound?

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