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Re: cfgtool - new prototype with booleans, locking, language support

fpolacco@megabaud.fi (Fabrizio Polacco)  wrote on 09.10.96 in <325B9A13.5E32870D@megabaud.fi>:

> Kai Henningsen wrote:
> > (Incidentally, I want to see if the ibcs .deb is up to dealing with
> > the (SCO) software, or if I need to use Windoze ...)
> >
> > ***
> > Too bad, back to Windoze for now. (That's sort of perverted, needing
> > Windoze to read Unix documentation ...)
> Not at all, if you remember WHO is one of the owners of SCO ...
>   ;-)

But that documentation is not *from* (or even *about*) SCO!

MfG Kai

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