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Re: Applications menu for Fvwm

> Hmm, yes, that would be one solution. It's more difficult to get
> them to use the same palette, but we could live with that.

Well, that's why I think that the pallette available for the icons to use
should be part of the standard.

> I'd say it's OK to do the xterm thing. I've patched lynx to do it.
> (See <http://www.iki.fi/liw/debian/fvwm2menu/>).
> Some people will prefer rxvt or something else to xterm. The command
> should be like this:
> 	install-fvwm2menu --install My-Apps/Tools my-lynx none 'Lynx' \
> 		'Exec ${XTERMNAME:-xterm} -e lynx'
> (My lynx patch does not do it, however.)

Oh, that's tricky :-) I wasn't sure what the best way to do that would

#!/usr/bin/perl -pi_______Syntax:_sig.pl_<location-of-netscape-program>_______
BEGIN{if(!$ARGV[0]){$^I=~y/_/ /;print"$^I\n";exit}$^I='.bak'}#       Joey Hess
s/\bnoframes\b/noFrames/g;s/\bframeset\b/frameSet/g#         jeh22@cornell.edu
# Remove frames from Netscape forever!  <http://kite.preferred.com/framefree/>

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