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Re: Applications menu for Fvwm

> Right. We also need someone to do something, and less talking
> about it...

Indeed. I've converted over about 7 of my packages to use
install-fvwm2menu today :-)

> About icons: fvwm-common has a few tens of mini-icons. I think
> they're from the set that has been converted to have the same
> size (14x14 or 16x16, I don't remember which) and use a smallish
> common set of colors. There's a few other icons of the same size
> floating around. Fvwm2 sources (used to) have a program for
> unifiying the colors. Need a new icon? Find it and send it to
> our fvwm maintainer.

Hmm.. I'm not sure if this is the way to go. It makes more sense to me for
a package to come with the icon it uses with install-fvwm2menu instead of
lumping them all together in fvwm. Of course, if fvwm provides the icon
you need, you can just use that one. 

Another question: should only x-based programs be set up to use
install-fvwm2menu, or should useful text-based programs be set up to spawn
an xterm running the program? I'm thinking about programs like pine, slrn,
etc, that are application-type programs.

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