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Re: tcsh package

On Sat, 5 Oct 1996, Vadik V. Vygonets wrote:

> I'm the new maintainer of tcsh package *bow*.  Well I have an idea:
> 1. To put tcsh binary in /bin (reason: there are people who use tcsh
>    as roots and have remote /usr).
> 2. To make a symbolic link from /usr/bin to /bin/tcsh (reason:
>    debian backward compatibility).

That's pretty reasonable.  Be sure to make the link relative -
`../bin/tcsh', not `/bin/tcsh'.

> 3. To make a symbolic link from /usr/local/bin to /bin/tcsh (reason:
>    compatibility with other Unices).

Absolutely not.  That would be a violation of the FSSTND.

Another issue is that the FSSTND says that /bin/csh should be a
symbolic link to tcsh iff it's available.  But since we have two csh
packages, tcsh and csh, we should use alternatives.  So use
update-alternatives to make /bin/csh point to your tcsh.  Read
programmer's manual 10 for more details.


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