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Bug#4658: elm incorrectly sets mail folders to mode 0600 upon exitting

Package: elm
Version: 2.4pl25-2

elm changes permissions on mail folders incorrectly when the mail folder is
nfs mounted from a non-linux box. The mode is changed from 0660 to 0600, which
prevents the mail daemon on the remote system from properly accessing the mail
folder. This may be a more general case of /var/spool/mail and /tmp being on
separate partitions, and requiring the mail folder to be copied upon exitting
from elm. For some reason, elm does not restore the permissions on a mail
folder which has been copied when quitting. I hacked the elm code with the
patch below to fix the problem at my site, but I doubt that my fix should be
used as a general fix. My first thought is that the sense of the if statement
needs to be reversed [ if (need_to_copy) { ], but I may be wrong.

--- elm-2.4pl25.orig/src/leavembox.c    Sun Mar 26 16:27:24 1995
+++ elm-2.4pl25/src/leavembox.c Mon Sep 30 21:54:36 1996
@@ -845,14 +845,18 @@
         * tracking down what it points to.
+#if 0
        if (!need_to_copy) {
          if(restore_file_stats(cur_folder) != 1) {
            error1(catgets(elm_msg_cat, ElmSet,
                  "Problems restoring permissions of folder %s!"),
            if (sleepmsg > 0)
+#if 0
 #if defined(BSD) && !defined(UTIMBUF)
        utime_buffer[0]     = buf.st_atime;

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