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Re: Size difference (big) between .orig.tar.gz and .deb: why?

   > 1427032 Sep 19 23:28 povray3-manual_3.0.10-1_all.deb
   > 1352325 Sep 19 23:26 povray3-manual_3.0.10.orig.tar.gz
   > What can explain this 72kb difference in size? Is one of the files
   > more compressed than the other one, or is it because of the .deb
   > format?

   I suppose the original packages tar file ontains the documentation files
   uncompressed whereas the .deb package installs these files as

   So they are compressed in one gzip run in the .tar.gz, whereas in the
   .deb case all files are compressed individually and then compressed
   again by dpkg --build. This makes the overall compression less

No. They are just copied, along with a 16kb copyright file and a 169b
changelog.Debian.gz file. Then dpkg --build is called. Maybe the fact
that there is a .gz file at the start of the archive makes the overall
compression less efficient, but this is strange.


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