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Re: Size difference (big) between .orig.tar.gz and .deb: why?

Sven Rudolph wrote:
>  <Yves.Arrouye@marin.fdn.fr> writes:
> > What can explain this 72kb difference in size? 
> I suppose the original packages tar file ontains the documentation
> files uncompressed whereas the .deb package installs these files as
> compressed.
> So they are compressed in one gzip run in the .tar.gz, whereas in the
> .deb case all files are compressed individually and then compressed
> again by dpkg --build. This makes the overall compression less
> efficient.

I also experienced a 10% increase of the size in the manpages-it
I was wandering if I could package the man pages uncompressed and
compress them in debian/rules during installation.
This would create a dependency to gzip package, but I think that this
already exists when we package the pages zipped!
Is it possible that a debian system be without gzip?

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