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Swapping: Packages for beginners

Here are some packages that I have released in the last month or so but
that I am not really very interested in maintaining. There are no
outstanding bug reports and those packets are up to the newest standards.
I would rather like to concentrate on packages that I feel are needing
more attention.

They would be good stuff for a newbie to start with.
(Some of those are brand new and have not been moved from incoming to
unstable yet)

eject	Program to eject CDs and operate CD-Changers
pwgen	Password generator
redir	TCP/ip port redirection
rlpr	Remote printing without /etc/termcap
sac	System login accounting tool
xfish	Makes X-Session to a fishtank
xgal	Interactive Space-Invaders like game
xpuzz	Some Puzzles under X
netdiag Network Diagnostic tools
svgatextmode Switches text console into high res mode

If you are interested in any other of my packages (have a look at
ftp.fuller.edu:/Linux/debian ...) and have some ideas on how to improve
them then send me a message.

{}    Snail Mail:   FTS Box 466, 135 N.Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91182        {}
{}    FISH Internet System Administrator at Fuller Theological Seminary       {}
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