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Re: /usr/local (again)

Bruce Perens:
> Another possibility would be to have a script that runs immediately when
> you select the package using "dselect", before the package is unpacked, and
> squirrels away your input for later. Of course, we'd have to run it from
> "dpkg" if "dselect" was not used.
> Discussion, please?

I'd like some (easy) way of storing answers to questions. The
questions and answers could be shared between packages, when
suitable. One such question would be whether the local admin
wants to allow creation of the empty directories in /usr/local.

If we want to be ambitious, we'll create a fancy language for
defining the user interaction. Something similar to dialog, but
something that is not tied to text terminals, so that it can
later be extended to X as well. It's a big project, of course,
and not something that should be undertaken lightly.

Getting answers to these questions before unpacking anything
would probably be a good idea.

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