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Re: /usr/local (again)

Hi folks, it's me again :)

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> I'd like some (easy) way of storing answers to questions. The
> questions and answers could be shared between packages, when
> suitable. One such question would be whether the local admin
> wants to allow creation of the empty directories in /usr/local.

That is the best idea so far.

> If we want to be ambitious, we'll create a fancy language for
> defining the user interaction. Something similar to dialog, but
> something that is not tied to text terminals, so that it can
> later be extended to X as well. It's a big project, of course,
> and not something that should be undertaken lightly.

Back when the perl/sh postinst script discussion started i tried to add a
TCL/TK interpreter to the dialog core to provide a common script language
coupled with fancy interfaces both for character and graphics based usage.

This could as well be the foundation for complete system administration
tool like SMIT or SAM - no not ADMINTOOL :) ...

But that is really a hard job: Getting the first code together and add some
simple dialog widgets was easy but then the problems started... Unfortunately
i ran out of free time to further pursue this project and killed it (literally,
no code left - that's the only way to stop me from wasting time with it)


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