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Bug#4394: dselect does not appear to look for updates when access method is floppy

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.2.14elf

When using dselect with access method=floppy and filesystem=msdos, and after 
updating to the latest Packages file (Debian 1.1.8), a number of packages were 
selected as requiring updating/upgrading.  Going on to attempt to Install these 
packages gave the message that all packages were up to date.

If the access method was changed to a mounted filesystem and the Install 
attempted again (and after copying the relevant .deb files to the mounted 
filesystem) then a dpkg command is echoed (something like dpkg -iGROEB) and 
the relevant updated packages are found and updated.

It looks like this "dpkg -iGROEB" is not being issued when dselect is using
access method=floppy and filesystem=msdos?


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