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Re: /usr/local (again)

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> Another possibility would be to have a script that runs immediately when
> you select the package using "dselect", before the package is unpacked, and
> squirrels away your input for later. Of course, we'd have to run it from
> "dpkg" if "dselect" was not used.
> Discussion, please?

Ok, you asked for it...

I'd suggest that often (esp. for site specific things) the best thing
would be for there to be an appropriate, documented configuration
file.  Something like /etc/what-to-do-with-local.

In more complex cases, I think we should have something like an
additional dpkg step, maybe call it "customize".  So there'd be three
installation actions for a package "unpack", "configure", and
"customize".  Normally, dselect and "dpkg --install" wouldn't run the
"customize" step for each package.  You'd have to do that manually.
But dpkg could know which customizations have and haven't been run,
just as it does for configures.

Good, bad?

(Sorry to propose more work for you, Ian.)

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