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Re: /usr/local (again)

> Let's please not add unnecessary questions in the postinst.
> I think /usr/local should be a symbolic link to /local, but it should
> always exist.

From: Dominik Kubla <kubla@netz.klinik.uni-mainz.de>
> We will not gain anything with this! I am sure if you think about it
> you will recognize that this will just shift the problem to a different
> location in the file system.
> On all my Linux systems /usr/local is a mount point of a READ-ONLY AFS or
> NFS volume. And we have our own site-wide /usr/local structure which is
> shared by all 12 architectures.  As it stands right now, Debian is not 
> well-behaved in a heterogenous environment.
> Please take a short time to consider the arguments of others and credit
> them with some intelligence and experience.


What I object to is another question in the postinst. I installed several
Debian systems last week, and there were too many questions - the effect
was that you could not let the installation run unattended. What's worse,
some maintainers have placed questions in the pre-install script - and
then you get questions all during the installation instead of just at the

So please figure out how to do this with adding a question to every package
that uses files in /usr/local.



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