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Re: Checking on possible bug in mt...

>>>>> Rob Browning writes:

    Rob> I'm trying to decide if this is a bug in mt, or my relative
    Rob> inexperience with tape drives.  If it's a bug I'll report it,
    Rob> and it'll probably have to go to the upstream maintainers.

    Rob> # mt --file /dev/nst0 tell
    Rob> mt: /dev/nst0: Function not implemented

    Rob> Any idea why?

Well, all that mt does is call `ioctl (desc, MTIOCTOP, &position)'.
>From this function, a `-1' is returned to mt, thereby signaling an
error, and errno is set, by ioctl, to the code for a `Function not
implemented' error.

If there is a problem, it is probably with the Linux SCSI tape driver.


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