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Re: XF86 betas (Re: D68K: The next step...)

In message <199608010735.RAA21419@aurora.cc.monash.edu.au>, Mr Stuart Lamble writes:
>annoyed that if I want support for my W32p (revision A), I have to go
>to 3.1.2E - and it's not available for Debian. Net result: either I
>have proper support for my card, and can't install new X-based packages
>(dpkg barfs at the postinst and configuration stages), or I'm stuck with
>the SVGA server.

Not at all.  Install the svga server using dselect.  Put it on hold.
Get the 3.1.2E server binary, install it, adjust /etc/X11/config.

I'm doing just this to run the current Mach64 card, since my RAMDAC
isn't supported by the non-beta 3.1.2.  No problems at all.

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