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Re: WWW interface to mailing list archive

> I know we have WWW access to our mailing lists one. But as far as I know, it
> is only updated monthly.

That is incorrect.

> Would someone step forward to take care of that on a
> daily basis?

It will be... once I've rewritten my scripts (due to my thesis deadline,
this will probably in September).

Here's the setup as it was before master's disk-crash:
- Mail from all mailing lists was sent to jdassen@debian.org
- My .qmail on master invokes procmail
- Procmail splits out the lists in per month (or, for -announce, per year)
  unix mbox-format archives in the master FTP structure directly.
- On www.debian.org, which has access to a FTP mirror, a daily cronjob 
  generates the WWW archives from the FTP ones. The same cronjob 
  updates the WWW search engine (currently glimpseHTTP).

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