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XF86 betas (Re: D68K: The next step...)

llucius wrote:
> Actually, I've not gotten to "The Next Step" yet anyway.  I finally bit 
> the bullet and downloaded XFree86 (whew!), compiled it, and am now going 
> through all the X related packages.

Speaking of X, as a member of the beta team (XFree86), I have access to
the source code for the XF86 betas. Would it be worthwhile setting up
packages for these in the contrib section? In particular, I'm kind of
annoyed that if I want support for my W32p (revision A), I have to go
to 3.1.2E - and it's not available for Debian. Net result: either I
have proper support for my card, and can't install new X-based packages
(dpkg barfs at the postinst and configuration stages), or I'm stuck with
the SVGA server.

Before you ask - no, I am _not_ going to provide the source code to
the betas to the world in general. Nor diffs. (I'm just trying to get
16/24bpp modes going on the cards - and getting nowhere fast, it seems.
Oh well, maybe by Feb next year...)

I'm on a low-fat, high stress diet: coffee and fingernails.

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