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Re: ssh package

Hi Michael,

Sorry for your Rhein Fire now definitely being out of the race for
WorldBowl '96!

But now back to Debian issues:

> I really like the ssh package Dominik put up on his site. But I
> don't like the idea of separating it from the distribution. As far
> as I understand teh copyright issue it's the same problem as with
> pgp. Inside the US you have to use that patented library while
> outside you can use other implementations.

Wrong: ITAR regulations do not permit any sensible military technology
(incl. cryptography) being moved out of the U.S. That includes DES and
therefore libc as well!  As it stands right now, anybody mirroring any
Linux distribution from the U.S (and anybody offering it!) is
violating U.S. laws.

IMHO we will have to split libcrypt from the rest of libc!  I
discussed that issue with H.J Lu about two years ago and he was not
willing to take any actions: "Don't wake sleeping dogs..."  Not very
sensible, but that is an attitude that many key-developers in the
Linux community share.

> Isn't it possible to create two versions of ssh, ssh-i and ssh-us,
> as we do with pgp? I take it distributing the international version
> via the US is not illegal is it?

It is (see above). 

> I assume Dominik is willing to create two version. Are you, Dominik?

No, i will not.  As it stands right now i am already contributing more
of my time to the Debian Project than i should (and originally
intended to).  I regard the ssh package as CONTRIBUTED SOFTWARE
WITHOUT MAINTENANCE which i only packaged for Debian because i was to
build it anyway.  I will make that clear in the next, and most likely
final, release.

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