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Re: ssh package

Dominik Kubla writes:
> Sorry for your Rhein Fire now definitely being out of the race for
> WorldBowl '96!

Never mind, was a great game on Sunday anyway.

> Wrong: ITAR regulations do not permit any sensible military technology
> (incl. cryptography) being moved out of the U.S. That includes DES and
> therefore libc as well!  As it stands right now, anybody mirroring any
> Linux distribution from the U.S (and anybody offering it!) is
> violating U.S. laws.

But what's the situation with PGP? We do have an international and an US
version of PGP on master.

> > Isn't it possible to create two versions of ssh, ssh-i and ssh-us,
> > as we do with pgp? I take it distributing the international version
> > via the US is not illegal is it?
> It is (see above). 

But then we're illegal anyway because of pgp.

> No, i will not.  As it stands right now i am already contributing more
> of my time to the Debian Project than i should (and originally
> intended to).  I regard the ssh package as CONTRIBUTED SOFTWARE
> WITHOUT MAINTENANCE which i only packaged for Debian because i was to
> build it anyway.  I will make that clear in the next, and most likely
> final, release.

So it's orphaned. Could someone explain how the two pgp versions are
handeld? I don't think it'll be too much work to make two packages. In the
worst case both are orphaned.

Ian, you're maintaining pgp, could you please tell us whether ssh is


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