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Re: why are we renaming ncurses man pages?

>>Well, you see, we're doing more than that.  We're going from
>>curs_clear.3x, which should already be pretty unique, to
>Isn't it a good thing that you can say man <function name> and get the
>right man page, rather than having to say man curs_<function name>,

Well, yes, I would tend to think it is.  I wish it didn't involve
hacking all the man files as well.

I guess what I'm really asking is why are we doing it when no one else
is.  Is everyone else able to just type `man function name`, or are we
just the only ones that decided this was all too much typing?  Is this
a deficiency in man_db, or, to put it in a more positive light, is
this a tradeoff we make in return for the efficiency of man using db

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