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dpkg 1.2.4: bugfixes including info dir cleanup and dpkg-name

This is a bugfix release only; most of the bugs are not particularly
serious, but many of them are annoying.  It also contains a dpkg-name
which is up to date with the latest .deb filename convention and
Kim-Minh Kaplan's cleanup-info script.


Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 04:31:35 +0100
Format: 1.5
Distribution: unstable
Source: dpkg
Binary: dpkg
Architecture: source i386
Version: 1.2.4
Maintainer: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
 dpkg: Package maintenance system for Debian Linux
 dpkg (1.2.4); priority=MEDIUM

  * New dpkg-name from Erick (<pkg>_<version>_<arch>.deb convention).
  * Disappeared packages can't own conffiles any more !  (Bug#3214.)
  * install-info creates Miscellaneous sections with a newline
    following the heading.  (Bug#3218.)
  * cleanup-info script installed in /usr/sbin; called as appropriate
    by postinst.  Thanks to Kim-Minh Kaplan.  (Bug#3125.)
  * Allow superseded Essential packages to be purged after they've
    been removed (clear the Essential flag on removal, and ignore it
    on packages that are in stat_configfiles).

  * dselect disk methods understand `y' as well as `yes' for using
    development tree.
  * dselect doesn't make packages appear as `new' again if update
    of available packages fails.
  * dselect places method selection cursor over option last selected.

  * dpkg-scanpackages doesn't die when repeated packages are found.
  * dpkg-scanpackages allows many old maintainers (`//'-separated).

  * `Version' field is now mandatory (some operations already
    wouldn't work right anyway if it was't there).

  * update-rc.d(8) now says you must remove the script.  (Bug#3215.)
  * dpkg --force-help says that --force-overwrite is on by default.
  * dpkg-deb manpage rewritten.
  * debian.README (= /usr/doc/copyright/dpkg) edited slightly.

  * Some database parsing grunge removed (pdb_preferversion, &c).
  * Source tree doc/sgml contains some embryonic manuals.
  * Leftover files in lib directory in source tree deleted.

 -- Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>  Mon, 10 Jun 1996 03:52:01 +0100
 39d236866815df052cf7631e425d6a96 409616 base required dpkg-1.2.4.tar.gz
 515b82e6f74625669ef3c554b5663034 221690 base required dpkg-1.2.4elf.i386.deb
 6c4295f4cacb335756bc1eb2b1e38b67 261740 byhand - dpkg-1.2.4.i386.deb
 16062be6769c2cc76e72e3f195cb2fa8 216789 byhand - dpkg-1.2.4elf.i386.nondebbin.tar.gz
 335235c6e05adf35a82dff419e1b44a5 257299 byhand - dpkg-1.2.4.i386.nondebbin.tar.gz
 88afbc556c60df37a1199f492fbb41bd 80782 byhand - guidelines.texi

Version: 2.6.2i


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