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Re: why are we renaming ncurses man pages?

Michael Alan Dorman writes:
> So, could someone explain why it is necessary for us to rename all the
> ncurses manual pages?  Is it simply an aesthetic thing, or is it a
> technical issue relating to our choice of man program?

Which renaming?  If you mean adding 'ncurses' to the end of every
filename, as in clear.3ncurses, I'll take a stab at it.

One reason is to not conflict with other man pages which may have the
same basename.  For example, in my /usr/man/man3 directory, I have an
exit.3 from libc and an exit.3tcl from Tcl.

A second reason is so you can easily identify all of the man pages
that come from a particular package.  Using Tcl for example again, I
can do an ls *.3tcl in /usr/man/man3 and see all of the Tcl man pages.

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