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Bug#3171: Autoconf asks explicitely for mawk

2.10-2 fixes these...

Yves Arrouye <arrouye@marin.fdn.fr> writes:
> Package: autoconf
> Version: 2.10-1
> The autoconf script has mawk hard-wired into it, instead of just awk (which
> of course can be gawk or mawk, or any other awk interpreter).
>   Please note that autoconf does not depends on mawk, nor should it.

The package tries to find mawk first, at build time; I made the
package on a system where I had mawk installed, which caused the
problem. I've fixed the debian.rules file to override the rule and
force awk to be /usr/bin/gawk, which is in the "gawk" package but
marked essential, so I haven't put in a dependency. [If I should, let
me know - I can be easily convinced. If I should use /usr/bin/awk
instead, explain why...]

> Other paths (for example m4) are absolute but this may not be a real
> problem, though someone may want to have another m4 (for example in
> /usr/local/bin) used if first in PATH.
> Yves.

I don't think this is a problem, specifically *because* someone may
want another m4 in their path, possibly a "classic" m4 which isn't
going to be good enough. (Besides, that's the m4 that the dependency
refers to.)

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