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Bug#3172: Autoconf does not provide config.guess, config.sub etc.

Yves Arrouye <arrouye@marin.fdn.fr> writes:
>   mkinstalldirs install.sh
>   config.guess config.sub

These are now installed in /usr/lib/autoconf ($acdatadir) as of 2.10-2.

>   a sample INSTALL file

Should that perhaps go in /usr/doc/examples instead?

> In addition to that, config.guess should certainly be able to differentiate
> between debian, slackware and redhat releases (maybe by looking for a
> specific file, eventually created for this purpose, like /etc/debian;
> IMHO looking for /var/lib/dpkg or /etc/alternatives to characterize
> Debian is not a good thing because one may want to try to install dpkg
> on another kind of system; maybe the debian package system is not
> really installable on another system (I mean how will you install any
> package providing your libc does not come from a libc debian
> package?), but the rpm manager can be installed successfully on a
> non-RH system).

Hmm. I suppose it might be interesting to have config.guess identify
the "vendor", though many of the debian packages that use configure
already specify it directly. I don't know if anything really should
need to conditionalize on the vendor (frankly, anything that needs the
config.guess output is probably insufficiently autoconfiscated anyway :-)
but if someone will recommend a way to identify the vendor reliably
(perhaps running sed on /etc/issue?) I'll see about forwarding it

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