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Re: 1.1 Release

   Date: Fri, 31 May 96 14:27 PDT
   From: bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens)

   I'm waiting for Guy to finish his script and clean up the Incoming queue. I
   think we should test the system for a few days after this is done.

I'd like to second this.

Speaking as a Debian newbie, here are a few more thoughts on the subject:

- It's particularly important that bugs that cannot be fixed by installing an
updated package be fixed before cd's get pressed.  An example of this would be
the /usr/info/dir corruption problems that were being caused by the
install-info bug and by bogus postinst invocations of install-info.

- The debian.org infrastructure seems a little shaky right now.  For example,
www.debian.org and debian.org nameservers seem to have occasional availability
problems.  (At this moment, half of the nameservers are not responding, and
'zone' is flagging small problems with two others.)  My purpose is not to
berate the people volunteering resources to provide these hosts--the point is
that this kind of thing makes Debian look "not for real" to outsiders, and
will likely get worse when lots more users are added.

- dpkg and friends badly need manual pages.  The doc available on
www.debian.org is good as far as it goes, but it's missing quite a bit and
seems a little dated.  Is anyone working on this?  (Maybe I should bite the

All this notwithstanding, after a couple weeks of Debian use, I'm finding it
to be a fantastically impressive distribution.  I can't see myself going back
at this point.


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