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Re: The return of RMS and GNU/Linux

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Daniels <marcus@sysc.pdx.edu> writes:

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian C White <bcwhite@verisim.com> writes:
Brian> Right, there isn't.  So why bother with "lignux"?  Changing the
Brian> name of somebody else's work is just plain rude.

Marcus> Emacs refers to operating systems that use the Linux kernel
Marcus> and huge chunks of GNU code as Lignux because that is what
Marcus> they are.  What is rude is trying to bury this fact.

No.  Not really.  The Linux or Lignux part refers primarily to the
kernel.  configure, through autoconf, determines how to use the
underlying tools, libraries, and header files.  If you compile emacs
under Solaris with GNU tools and libraries, emacs will still compile.
Solaris will still be the name of the kernel/OS.  Ironically, lignux
was chosen to represent the part of Linux which has the least to do
with GNU.

However, I would still like to tone down these arguments.  Try to
speak calmly and rationally as if there will be a resolution some day.
Complaining loudly about RMS will not help the problem.  We're going
in the some direction, even if there are violent disagreements about
minor details.

Kevin Dalley

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