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Re: underscores

bruce@pixar.com (Bruce Perens) writes:

> I'd rather hold this off for 1.2, as I'd like to have 1.1 released _very_
> soon - less than 2 weeks from now. I think it would be appropriate to
> create the 1.2 development archive with the convention in place.

Fine with me.  (Not that you need my permission :>)

So if I'm creating a new gimp package (a bug fix in the README.1st), I
assume that I leave the package names the way they are (gimp (virtual),
gimp-dmotif and gimp-smotif), and just use whatever dpkg-name thinks
is the right name?

Also, the current version depends on libgr, but we're supposedly
phasing that out in favor of individual lib{png,tiff,jpeg,...}.  Is
that now or after 1.1?  i.e. what should I use for this gimp package?
AFAIKT libjpeg and libpng are the only parts of libgr that are
available now, so I tend to lean toward sticking with libgr.


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