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Bug#3057: pcmcia-cs kernel-source dependency

My current understanding is that when I compile the PCMCIA
package off of a particular kernel source, it is then
dependant on that particular version.  This means that my
"-0" release of pcmcia depends on 1.3.97 and only on 97.  It
shouldn't install under 100 because it won't work on 100.

I don't know alot about this - My understanding of this
specific-version dependency comes directly from the docs
the sources came with.  These docs are installed in
/usr/doc/pcmcia-cs by my package.

If I am wrong - if the modules the pcmcia package produces may
simply be "moved" into a .100 directory for kernel 1.3.100
support, I will gladly change my package accordingly (both
for dependencies and to auto-move to the .100 (or whatever)
directory.  I get the impression, however, that this is not
the case.

If I am right, the package I uploaded is only good for the
.97 kernel.  I didn't see the .97 kernel around, so shall
I assume my -0 package is now useless?  I considered uploading
a new -1 pcmcia package based specifically on 1.3.100, but
what would be the point in it?  Version 0 still hasn't left
Incoming so I imagine version 1 would be obsolete by the time
it made it to misc (or whichever).

This is why I have repeatedly asked developers what my policy
should be.  Should I include support for multiple kernels?
Should I put the kernel dependency in the package name

This is also why I've asked that when a kernel is chosen
for the installation, let me know so I can make the package
depend on IT.  That is the only way I think pcmcia-cs will
be a useful Debian package.

To be blunt, the only reason I'm packaging pcmcia-cs is so
I can have it on a Debian 1.1 CD.  I've put hours of work into
packaging and testing the files I did upload.  Guidelines
have been sparse, so maybe I'm doing something wrong.  I've
asked about that before as well.  I can make pcmcia-cs depend
on uname, but currently I see no point.  The .97 version is
obsolete before leaving Incoming and I'm not spending any time
on a successor with equally grim prospects.

If someone wants to tell me I'm wrong about the dependency,
great.  If someone wants to tell me the version of the 1.1
kernel so I can push pcmcia through in time for a cut, great.
Otherwise, what would be the point in doing further work on


P.S.  I know PCMCIA isn't on other people's agendas like it is
on mine.  I'm just saying that I'm not putting any more hours
into it if they're going to be wasted.  Currently, that is the
case.  If CDs of Debian 1.1 get cut without PCMCIA support, I'll
likely drop the package.  I don't mean to be gruff, I've mentioned
these issues before and got practically no feedback.

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