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Re: Bug#3057: pcmcia-cs kernel-source dependency

	[I did not respond earlier since I don't have a solution]

	There is an additional problem with the modules package if it
 unpacks in /lib/modules/X.X.XX.  Suppose I'm currently running
 1.3.100, and I try to install the pcmcia-cs package. 

	Even if the package pre/post installation scripts are fixed to
 move the module files into /lib/modules/1.3.100/ (instead of
 /lib/modules/1.3.97, where they unpack into, since that's all the
 package maintainer had on their machine), this only fixes problems
 till the next time the kernel-image is upgraded.

	S, I start running 1.99.6, and suddenly the pcmcia modules are
 gone.  One has to at least re-install the module, one may even have
 to re-compile them (they may actually need to be modified if the
 kernel has changed sufficiently).

	This is true for any package that provides modules, that is,
 except for the actual kernel-image package.

	I don't know how this could be managed, unless the
 kernel-image maintainer and the module package maintainer were the
 same person; ie, unless the modules were rolled into the
 kernel-packages. (which is a very sub-optimal solution in general
 terms - I mean, that sucks).


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