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Bug#3060: problems with new sysklogd-1.3-3

  Miquel>  I tried it with dpkg-1.1.6elf and it said "considering removal of
  Miquel> syslogd..."  "yes, removing syslogd in favour of sysklogd.."
  Miquel> do you have another version of dpkg installed?

No I also used dpkg-1.1.6elf and got exactly the same message.

But please try "dpkg -l syslogd sysklogd" and if my memory is right, it still
refers to syslogd as installed or some such. I should have taken more notes
or screen shots...

And as I reported yesterday, do a
	ps ax | egrep "syslogd|klogd"
and you see that one syslogd too many is running.

While we're at it: xconsole didn't work anymore this morning. See this log
which shows that it failed to display activity before I gave it a `kill
-SIGHUP' some minutes ago:

   May 19 18:25:56 miles kernel: PPP line discipline registered.
   May 19 18:25:56 miles kernel: registered device ppp0
   May 19 18:25:56 miles May 19 18:26:00 miles May 20 10:07:00 miles syslogd 1.3-0: restart.
   May 20 10:10:07 miles in.comsat[26787]: connect from localhost

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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