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Bug#3060: problems with new sysklogd-1.3-3

You (Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca) wrote:
>   Martin> The behaviour you describe is a result of this.
>   Martin>
>   Martin> The used mixture of Conflicts, Provides and Replaces has been
>   Martin> coordinated with Ian Jackson. He knows dpkg best and probably would
>   Martin> have told me if there was another way to get out of this.
> I cannot believe that this situation (sysklogd plus fragments of syslogd
> installed, --force-* required in (re-)installations) is the best we can do
> here. Can't Ian J. and you figure out some new strategy to persuade dpkg to
> really forget about syslogd, the other package?

I tried it with dpkg-1.1.6elf and it said
"considering removal of syslogd..."
"yes, removing syslogd in favour of sysklogd.."

do you have another version of dpkg installed?

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