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Re: Cannonical guidelines.

> From: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>
> Subject: Re: Cannonical guidelines.
> David H. Silber writes ("Cannonical guidelines."):
> > Where are the cannonical packaging guidelines?  I'm guessing either the
> > most recent dpkg release or .../debian/doc/package-developer on your
> > friendly neighborhood FTP site, but which of those?
> The most recent dpkg release.

OK, I have the documents and have printed them out.  I hope to go through
them this weekend (in between attending an out-of-town wedding and various
family/social events).  In looking at the first page of the guidelines, I
noticed a couple of minor problems.  Do you want me to submit bug reports
or should I just modify the files and send them back to you?  I notice that
the guidelines are in the info format.  Is there a source file for this, or
was it written directly in info form?   If there is a source file, I think
that it should be distributed in some manner.

> Ian.


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