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Bug#3039: MAKEDEV script does not create the random/urandom devices

Package: base
Version: 1.1.0-7

Character special devices /dev/random and /dev/urandom are not present in my
debian system and are not added by "cd /dev ; ./MAKEDEV std".

The following unified diff against the MAKEDEV script adds the devices to
the "std" section.

--- MAKEDEV.old	Fri May 17 00:29:18 1996
+++ MAKEDEV.new	Fri May 17 00:31:26 1996
@@ -226,6 +226,8 @@
 		makedev zero c 1 5 $public
 		symlink core $procfs/kcore
 		makedev full c 1 7 $public
+		makedev random c 1 8 $public
+		makedev urandom c 1 9 $public
 		makedev ram  b 1 1 $disk
 		makedev tty  c 5 0 $tty

Other:  My kernel is 1.99.3 which I built from non-debian source, (however
        these devices are non-optional at compile-time) and originally
        installed 0.93R6 but have followed the unstable directory.  (system
        now reports Debian 1.1).

uname -a:
Linux brando 1.99.3 #1-pre-2.0 Mon May 13 20:03:23 EDT 1996 i486
libc is 5.2.18
(bug-reporting.txt.gz requests libc4 version but I am using the unstable,

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