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Re: Cannonical guidelines.

Steve Greenland writes ("Re: Cannonical guidelines."):
> I think it would be a good thing to have a separate copy of the
> guidelines available on the FTP site and via www.debian.org. It's
> not obvious that dpkg is the place to look. But if you are going
> to put up a separate copy, it's *really* important that it be kept
> current. None is better than old.

I've arrange for a copy of the source to be shipped with the next dpkg

Unfortunately they're still in Texinfo (I'm having some trouble with

David H. Silber writes (in private email):
>  ...  In looking at the first page of the guidelines, I
> noticed a couple of minor problems.  Do you want me to submit bug reports
> or should I just modify the files and send them back to you?  

Send me the details privately (there's no point submitting bug
reports).  If you want to submit patches please make them against the
texinfo source, which you'll find in the dpkg source package.


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