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Bug#2971: mailx doesn't quit on two successive C-c

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Yves Arrouye wrote:

> Package: mailx
> Version: 8.1-11
> The subject says it all (Debian 1.1 beta). An example session is:
> 	% /usr/bin/mail foo
> 	Subject: hello
> 	(Interrupt -- one more to kill letter)
> 	zsh: quit       mail foo
> Some explanations: on the Subject line, C-c has no effect. And in the
> message, after the (Interrupt ......  letter), I had to hit C-\ to
> get out of mail.
> Yves.
Due to problems like this we decided to move back to mailx-5.5kw.
There is a new package named mailx-8.5.5 on the ftp sites to
change this. It is not perfect but works much better than version
8.1 of mailx.

Dale Miller

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