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Re: Inclusion of kernel version in kernel package names: A followup

AAAAAAAUGH.  Please, guys, have a look at the new packaging scripts,
either in the 1.3.95+ packages or in the standalone package being
distributed right now.

	It allows both prepackaged and user custom packages to
 co-exist. Really. (At the moment you may have problems removing the
 old image package, but I'm working on that, right now you have to say
 --force-remove-essential till I remove the essential flag. 

	Co-existance can, and has, been achieved, even for loadlin
 users (as long as you do not install version X.X.XX on top of a
 existing X.X.XX version). 

	With the new kernel-package package being released, you may
 even create your own debianized kernels (that's what I do).  Could we
 give this thread a rest, please, unless you see a problem with the
 new scripts (1.3.64 has the older scripts that have problems)?

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