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amd and sun automounter files

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to seemlessly intergrate a debian box into our existing
Solaris (&SunOS) environment here so I can do some kernel
work. Everything (DNS, NIS, smail printing etc.) works perfectly as
you might expect.

The is only one outstanding thing left to setup, the amd
automounter. Does anyone have a script to convert Sun automounter
files into amd format?  - otherwise I will write one, its not a big


Installing 1.1 from scratch (floppies then NFS) and setting it up
took under 2 hours. 

I think gentlemen that we are almost there! :)



Alvar Bray

Meiko Limited      Phone: +44 1454 855222   E-Mail: alvar@meiko.co.uk
650 Aztec West     Fax:   +44 1454 855223           alvar@netcity.co.uk
Bristol BS12 4SD                                    alvar@debian.org

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