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Addition to the list of virtual package names


	I am proposing to add a virtual-package kernel-image to the
 list, to complement the virtual packages kernel-source and
 kernel-headers already present. The line added is:

kernel-image            Kernel image ( vmlinuz, System.map, modules )

	Any packages depending on the kernel should probably depend
 instead on these virtual packages. 

	I would also like to request the maintainer of libc5-dev to
 provide the virtual-package kernel-headers, since the newer versions
 of libc5-dev provide kernel-headers.

	I noticed that there are only two packages (in the hamradio
 section) that depended on source, and since they are actually
 dependent on 1.2.13 or so, this is correct.  However, when they are
 upgraded to the newer kernels, they should use the virtual packages

	Lastly, I found a copy of the file in a strange place, 
 <URL:ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/package-developer/>, rather than
 in project/standards/, and I have mentioned this place in the file
 below. Please correct me if this is not right.


The new version of the file:
To: Debian developers list <debian-devel@pixar.com>
Subject: Authoritative list of virtual package names

Below is an authoritative list of virtual package names currently
in-use or proposed and not objected to.  Please check the list below
for things relevant to your packages.

New packages MUST use virtual package names where appropriate (this
includes making new ones - read on).

Packages MUST NOT use virtual package names (except privately, amongst
a cooperating group of packages) unless they have been agreed upon and
appear in this list.

The procedure for updating the list is as follows:

1. Download it from project/standards/virtual-package-names-list.text
(or doc/package-developer/virtual-package-names-list.text, which seems
to be the newer location) to make sure you have the latest version (be
careful if the list has recently been updated, which you can tell from
being subscribed to debian-devel - you may have to coordinate with the
last editor to get the current version).

2. Post to debian-devel saying what names you intend to use or what
other changes you wish to make.

3. Wait a few days for comment.

4. Edit this file virtual-package-names-list.text to reflect the
consensus (or your suggestions if noone objected), and post it to
debian-devel and upload it to ftp.debian.org.  Remember to add an
entry to the change history below.

5. Go and use the new or changed names.

If anyoone wants to set themselves up as the virtual package name
coordinator, please go ahead, and then we can abandon the above


Now, the list:

X Windows:
X11R5                   XFree86 R5, including base system (obsolete)
xR5shlib                XFree86 R5 shared library only
X11R6                   XFree86 R6, including base system
xR6shlib                XFree86 R6 shared library only
xlibraries              XFree86 R6 shared library or stub library
xserver                 Any X server (used by other X packages)

libc.so.4               An a.out shared C library, version 4.x.x.
info-browser            Something that can browser GNU Info files
kernel-source           Kernel source code
kernel-headers          Kernel header files (<linux/*.h>, <asm/*.h>)
kernel-image            Kernel image ( vmlinuz, System.map, modules )
httpd                   Any HTTP server
postscript-viewer       Anything that can display Postscript files
postscript-preview	Any preprocessor that creates Postscript output
metafont                The TeX Metafont program
dvilj, dvips            Provided by dviljk, dvipsk (? - iwj)
www-browser		Something that can browse html files

News and Mail:
mail-transport-agent    Mail transport agents (Smail, Sendmail, &c)
mail-reader             Mail user agents (Pine, Elm, mailx, &c)
news-transport-system   Local news system (INN, C News or B News)
news-reader             Any news reader (trn, tin, &c)
inews                   /usr/bin/inews - local or remote news poster
pgp                     A version of PGP (International or US)

Names of superseded packages Provided by the current ones:
gs_x, gs_svga, gs_both  Provided by Ghostscript (gs).  Use gs.
xpmR6                   Provided by xpm.  Use xpm.

Change history:
22 Sep 1995 Ian Jackson         Initial revision.
26 Mar 1996 Andrew Howell	Added www-browser.
11 May 1996 Manoj Srivastava    Added kernel-image, added new location of
                                this file
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