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Re: pine doesn't handle pgp signed messages (was Re: New uploads)

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Craig Sanders wrote:

> not quite a bug report...
> On Wed, 15 May 1996, Michael Meskes wrote:
> > [...deleted...]
> > [...deleted...]
> > -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
> anyone know how I can get pine to display these messages.
> All i get is
>   [Part 1, Application/X-PGP-MESSAGE  4.7KB]
>   [Can not display this part. Use the "V" command to save in a file]
> and i have to press V and pipe the attachment into cat to be able to see
> them.  This is annoying.  Doesn't give me authetication, but at least i
> can see the message.  I'd like to have it work properly. elm can handle
> pgp, pine should be able to too. 
> I've played around with /etc/mime.types, but pine seems to want to use
> /etc/mailcap instead (according to the man page).  I made mailcap a
> symlink to mime.types and added "application/x-pgp-message pgp -d" to
> mime.types, but still no joy.
> metamail and mime is something i keep on pushing into the "one of these
> days i'll get around to figuring it all out but in the meantime i have
> other stuff to do" basket.  Any clues gratefully received. 
> note, i don't want to use elm, even though it does handle these messages
> correctly. pine serves my needs much better by allowing me to have
> multiple incoming folders for my mailing lists.  At the moment, I have
> to use pine for normal mail, and elm if i want to use pgp.  Not good.  I
> want ONE mail reader for all my mail.
> Maybe i should file a bug report against pine saying that it doesn't
> handle PGP in it's default configuration.  I think that's a bug :-)
I agree, that attatchments are a real pain for pine. The only suggestion
that I can make is: Use v  and then choose save to save the attatchment
into a file. You should then be able to authenticate the file.
I would probably use elm instead of pine but I don't have (don't want)
sendmail/smail on my system. I use popclient to get my mail and pine's
SMTP feature to send it.
Sorry that I don't have  a better solution. I have the same problems with
those developers who insist on mime encoding their release announcements,
because you have to suspend pine to be able to read them. I suspect that
if I understood mailcap better I could get this to happen automagically.
(I know I'm the maintainer, but I'm just a guy, ok?)



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