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Re: pine doesn't handle pgp signed messages (was Re: New uploads)

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I agree, that attatchments are a real pain for pine. The only
> suggestion that I can make is: Use v and then choose save to save the
> attatchment into a file. You should then be able to authenticate the
> file.

I'd rather not save it to a file.  I could press v and pipe it to 'pgp
-d'.  I haven't tried this...it will probably work for signed messages
but not encrypted...pine's pipe function doesn't appear to have any way
of accepting keyboard input (e.g. for typing in your pgp passphrase).

Piping to cat works ok, too, but without verification of the pgp signature.

pine has some very nice features (e.g. multiple incoming mailboxes) but
is a bit too 'idiot-proof'...it's difficult to do anything even slightly
unusual with it.

> Sorry that I don't have  a better solution. I have the same problems with
> those developers who insist on mime encoding their release announcements,
> because you have to suspend pine to be able to read them. 

pine seems to handle some other mime formats correctly. just not the
pgp signed mime attachments. it's a problem in pine's mailcap file, i'd

in any case, the developers who are pgp-signing their releases announcements
are doing the Right Thing.  It's good, and should be encouraged.  If mail
readers like pine are broken and unable to deal with it, then the mail
reader should be fixed.

> I suspect that if I understood mailcap better I could get this to
> happen automagically.  (I know I'm the maintainer, but I'm just a guy,
> ok?)

yeah, me too.  mime.types & mailcap are on my one-of-these-days list :-)


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