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Re: Addition to the list of virtual package names

david@elo.ods.com (David Engel)  wrote on 13.05.96 in <m0uJ0Hi-000BitC@elo.ods.com>:

> > 	I would also like to request the maintainer of libc5-dev to
> >  provide the virtual-package kernel-headers, since the newer versions
> >  of libc5-dev provide kernel-headers.
> Yes, libc5-dev contains its own kernel headers, but IMO, it should not
> be connected to any kernel-headers package.

This reminds me ...

Perl uses the kernel includes to generate its own includes. Shouldn't it  
use the libc includes under the new scheme, for the exact same reason that  
this one has its own kernel includes?

MfG Kai

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